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Catherine Stukel

Catherine Stukel
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Hi. My name is Catherine Stukel and I'll be your instructor this semester.

Sometimes it's easier to connect with students if they know a little about the teacher as a person. I enjoy following and staying on top of current trends in technology.  Lately my interests involve twitter, facebook, Linkedin, Google +, Pinterest and instagram -- I've given up vegetariansim and now eat bacon.  Lots and lots of bacon. :)  I love raw foods, internet based news, and being civic minded.  I enjoy spending time with my family.  I enjoy giving back to the community where I live and work! 
This site is being re-introduced to my students after some major changes have occurred.  Over the next few weeks and months to come, you will find a series of video podcasts (aka vodcasts), assignments, and fresh material.  In an effort to cut down on the cost of some textbooks - you will be able to use mine for free!   No gimicks here!  Just an educator who is thinking of the bottom line!  YOUR WALLET.   And better yet - some will be syndicated through iTunes.   Watch out for exciting things to come! 
To be clear this site is not an on line course method of delivery.  This is soley a supplement to your course!

I hold three college degrees. I have an A.A. from Harper College in Palatine; I have a B.S. from Elmhurst College in Business Administration in Elmhurst; and I have a M.A. from Concordia University in Managerial Communications in Mequon, Wisconsin. 


Here I am.

Office hours for Spring 2012: Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday morning from 8-9 am.  Saturday afternoon from 12:15-2:15pm.

Office location: 329b

Office Phone Number: 708-656-8000 x 1363


Favorite Color: Blue

E-mail address: